2022 Conference Theme

From Disruption to Direction: Stories of the Journey to Deeper Connections

What else can be said about the last several months that hasn’t already been named? We are navigating through a global pandemic, a surge in political consciousness, extreme weather events, and a continued fight against racial, economic, and environmental injustice. While the word disruption is an understatement, the theme for this year’s annual conference centers on the ways in which we continue to forge forward. Beyond our drive toward survival, we are wired for connection. Who better to look to for the wisdom of meaningful and pleasurable connection than sexuality professionals? Therapists, educators, and counselors, both professionals, and students, all bring a unique and necessary perspective of living through this upside-down, inside-out time. And what better way to share our experiences than through stories?

The theme of the 2022 AASECT Conference is From Disruption to Direction: Stories of the Journey to Deeper Connections. The tales that are born of this time are ultimately stories of change. Change is a necessary ingredient of all innovation; without a departure from the familiar, very few new possibilities emerge. We welcome stories from chaos and newness, from diversity and beauty and love and life and death as we come together to celebrate our connections and our capacity to grow.

Call for Abstract Proposals

Suggested topics to spark your ideas!

Do you have an innovative idea that would make an engaging conference or pre-conference workshop offering? Along with proposals for workshops, panel presentations, original research sessions, and poster presentations, we are also soliciting proposals for potential pre-conference workshops of 4 hours or 8 hours in length.

The conference committee is exploring options for in-person, virtual, and hybrid programming for the 2022 AASECT Conference. As you submit your proposal, please indicate if you prefer to present in person in Tampa, online through a virtual platform, or if you are comfortable with both.

We particularly encourage submissions focusing on, but not limited to, the following:

  • How has disruption been used as a meaningful change agent in your work? What directions became possible from obstacles in your charted path? Were there new collaborations, unexpected lessons, novel discoveries? Did you refine your tools, clarify your values, or recommit to an existing goal? And where was the locus of change: the field, your work, your clients, you?
  • What is the direction you have found yourself, your clients, and your students moving in? Is this movement intentional or the result of tides outside individuals’ nexus of control? How does directionality interact with intention, acceptance, and all kinds of human connection?
  • What are the sex education, counseling, and therapy stories you have to offer your colleagues since we last met? What has been your experience living and working through those stories?
  • Whether connections were made to outside parties, within your professional community, or forged more deeply within yourself, we invite you to share your journey.

This is also an opportunity for us to take a pulse on the state of our connection as an organization. The conference itself is an opportunity to reconnect after being apart for many months (or for some of us, years) and we cannot wait to see you there.


Help shape the 2022 AASECT Annual Conference!

Submit your abstract proposal by October 17, 2021.