2023 Conference Theme

Rediscovering Connection: Inspiring Our Collective Imagination

Our collective desire for human connection has never been as visible to us than through the recent years of isolation, separation and yearning. In our reconnection, we see a blossoming opportunity for redefinition: what does it mean to us as a community – after more than three strenuous years of distance – to truly rediscover ourselves? What can be made possible as we tap into our shared imaginations and lean into our unexplored hopes, our newly realized dreams, and our emerging visions for the future?

As we all delve deeper into our personal interpretations of these questions, this year’s conference theme urges us to pivot towards the collective. Counselors, educators, therapists, students, and seasoned professional learners are the origin and authors of this community. We need one another. To come together again is to co-create a sexual world where we are all necessary parts of the whole. As we share what we have seen and learned in our time apart, we design a space of wonder, curiosity, scholarship, and wisdom where much is possible.

Together we will explore what has been held within – imagination, vitality, creativity, inquisitiveness – to once again inspire our collective minds to go beyond what has been in order to discover what we have yet to become.