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AASECT Conference Program Planning Committee

Thank you to these leaders for their time and dedication to offering education opportunities for all.
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Program Committee Chair

Christopher K. Belous, PhD, CSE, CST
Meet Chris

Dr. Belous (he/him/his) is the current Treasurer of AASECT, and an Associate Professor and the Director of the Couple and Family Therapy graduate program at Purdue University Northwest. Affectionately known as “Dr. B” he is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, Certified Sex Therapist and Educator with the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, a Certified Family Life Educator with the National Council on Family Relations, and a Certified Gay Affirmative Psychotherapist through the California Division of AAMFT. He sits on the editorial board for several journals and is the Clinical Reviews Associate Editor for Sexual and Relationship Therapy. His research focuses on sex and sexuality (broadly defined), social justice, and couple and family therapy education and supervision. He has over 20 published works, 40+ Presentations at Inter/National and Local conferences, and has completed 7 different research grants. His most recent research involves the examination of efficacy and development of approaches to sex therapy and treatment.

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Kristine Chadwick, PhD
Meet Kristine

Dr. Kristine Chadwick (@dr_clitorati) is an enthusiastic lifelong learner of the psychology of human sexuality and a fierce advocate for destigmatizing sexual wellness and pleasure. Kristine earned her PhD in psychology from the University of Rhode Island and has 30 years of applied research and consulting experience. A mid-life career changer, she brings the skills of her former career in education research into her contributions as a member of a TASHRA research team studying the mental health benefits of kink, and as an instructor of healthy relationships and sexuality courses. She is a certified community sexual health resource and in training to become a certified sex coach and holistic sex educator. She serves as staff and writer for As You Like It, a body-positive, gender-inclusive sexual wellness boutique in Eugene, Oregon.

Her particular areas of interest include BDSM/kink, nontraditional relationship structures, healthy communication, pleasure for bodies with vulvas, and deconstructing the impacts of the heteronormative patriarchy at the individual and relationship levels. In her spare time, she facilitates a couple of book clubs; spends time with family, friends, and partners; travels to interesting places; practices her rusty French; and strives to craft the perfect music playlists for every occasion.

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Herb Coleman, PhD
Meet Herb

Herb Coleman, Ph.D. is a semi-retired Adjunct Psychology professor at Austin Community College in Austin, TX. He’s been teaching since 1987 and teaching human sexuality since 1995. He’s also volunteered with Planned Plannedhood, Prime Timers, Transgender Education Network of Texas, The International Foundation for Gender Education, and Bae Be Safe. He works to understand and increase communication around sex and sexuality.

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Neil Sampson, LMFT, CST
Meet Neil

Neil is a relational counselor, who supports both individuals and those in relationships. He has been practicing since 2010. In 2020, Neil started the process of becoming a Certified Sex Therapist through AASECT. He manages a private practice in Gig Harbor, WA alongside with his spouse/partner Miri. Neil hopes to continue to learn from the AASECT community, while also building a professional network.

Mystkue Rose Woods Photo
Mystkue Woods
she/her, rose
Meet Mystkue

Mystkue Woods, MEd, ABS (she/her, rose) is a sexuality arts educator and consultant based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the CEO of Mystkue Publications, L.L.C, an organization focused on the innovation of expressive arts and sexuality for marginalized communities. She specializes in integrating the expressive art modalities of poetry, dance, music, drama (theater), storytelling, and creative movement to promote positive attitudes toward sexual and reproductive wellness across cultures and communities.

Her work has served over two thousand youth in Maryland, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania through prevention programs about STIs, HIV/AIDS, Consent, Safer Sex Practices, Intimacy, and Healthy Communication. Mystkue has assisted in the development of curricula for information on PEP, PrEP, DoxyPeP, STI and HIV Prevention, Body Positivity, and Trauma Informed Pleasure for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Masakhane Center.

Mystkue lives by the self-coined mantra “Sen•Sex•Sen” which represents a culmination of the concepts of sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment. These she believes are essential components to accessing self-love, self-growth, and self-respect.

Dr Lexx

AASECT President

Dr. Lexx Brown-James, PhD, LMFT, CSE, CSES
Meet Dr. Lexx

Lexx Brown-James, PhD, LMFT, CSE, CSES (She|Her|Dr) is a Black, fat, pansexual, southern, parent. She is one of 3 sexuality educators of color supervisors and has worked on AASECT’s Bylaws, Conference Planning, Certification Task Force, and Board for the past 8 years. As an educator, Lexx guest lectures, and collaborates with organizations to perpetuate shame-free sex education from womb to tomb. Lexx is also an LMFT sex therapist, who runs The Institute for Sexuality & Intimacy, LLC where she primarily supports others to build, create, maintain, and perpetuate intimacy. Lexx also volunteers time as a mentor and colleague in the field to various sexuality professionals. Her passion is to remove obstacles that have kept people from accessing education, experience, position, and pleasure. She hopes to continue to remove obstacles and build more opportunities at AASECT for all.

Tanya Bass

Vice President of Membership

Tanya Bass, PhD, MS, MEd, CHES®, CSE
Meet Tanya

Tanya Bass, PhD, MS, MEd, CHES®, CSE (she/her/hers) an award-winning sexuality educator and the “Foundress” of the North Carolina Sexual Health Conference (NCSEXCON), a conference that provides opportunities for agencies and individuals to share information, strategies, and best practices around sexual health across the lifespan. Dr. Bass is an alumna of North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU) Department of Public Health Education, where she has served as an adjunct instructor for several years and is currently the lead instructor for Human Sexuality. She completed her PhD in Education at Widener University in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies.

Dr. Bass remains committed to seeking professional development and is a member of the NC Society for Public Health Educators, the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WoCSHN), the Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians (ABSC), and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE). Tanya is a current member of the editorial board for the American Journal of Sexuality Education.

Tanya Bass

Chair, Professional Education Steering Committee (PESC)

Eliza G. Boquin, MA, LMFT, CST
Meet Eliza

Eliza Boquin (she/her) is the founder of the Flow & Ease Healing Center, Inc. in Houston, Texas, where she specializes in guiding individuals through the complexities of shame and trauma towards healthier, more pleasure-filled lives. She is also the co-founder of Melanin & Mental Health, LLC, which is deeply dedicated to breaking down barriers to mental wellness in Black/Brown communities. Eliza is passionate about assisting individuals to reclaim their narratives and pursue paths toward healing and liberation. She is committed to fostering safe, affirming, and inclusive spaces where all individuals can thrive.