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Professional Conduct Guidelines

We trust you will commit to respecting and maintaining good boundaries with other AASECT members and conference attendees within our virtual conference space. As with any professional space or workplace, we expect that our conference will be a safe environment for learning and networking. Fostering this type of conference experience requires members to not assume that, because we are gathered online to discuss and learn about sexuality, this automatically means a person is consenting to questions about their personal sexual, intimate experiences/histories or is open to sexual advances. Nor does it mean that a person is welcoming comments about their body and appearance.

In addition, presenting at virtual conferences require different skills from those that are necessary for in-person conferences. Our presenters have worked hard to adapt their material for the online platform. You may not always agree with their content or their style of presentation. However, please refrain from making hostile and hurtful comments during the Q & A sessions. You are always welcome to offer compliments, comments and constructive criticism in your conference evaluations. Our hope is that members will engage with each other in ways that honor each other, respect boundaries, and prioritize consent.