Speaker Bio

Tamara Marzouk

Tamara Marzouk, LICSW, MPH

Abortion on our own terms: Fighting criminalization of self-managed abortion
Tamara Marzouk (she/her) is the Director of Abortion Access at Advocates for Youth, a national nonprofit supporting young people in their fight for reproductive health, rights, and justice. She is a licensed clinical social worker and public health program developer who has spent her career focusing on the intersection between youth development, racial justice, and reproductive rights. She has served young people ages 11-24 as a pregnancy options counselor, sexual health educator, and mental health counselor, advocating for young people’s agency and informed choice in reproductive decision-making. Throughout the past ten years, Tamara has provided trauma-informed support and education to many young people before, during, and after their abortion experiences. Additionally, she is a trained full-spectrum doula and birth justice advocate, providing advocacy, information, and in-person emotional and physical support during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes. Tamara believes strongly in the power of dialogue to foster empathy and reduce stigma around sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, and pregnancy loss.

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