Speaker Bio

Mystkue Woods

Mystkue Woods, MEd

In Between the Lines: The Art of Erotic Writing
Mystkue (mystique) is a Sexuality Arts Educator who is strong, confident, and authentic, the curator of Your Petal is Your Legacy, which motivates individuals to put their best foot forward and leave behind something great. She coined the term Sen•Sex•Sen in recognition of the aspects of the nature of sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment which she believes are essential components to understanding one’s sexual identity in terms of desire, intimacy, and fulfillment. Mystkue’s works embody the interpersonal aspects of sexuality. The focus is on the following aspects of interpersonal development: •Self-love [intimacy] through visual arts and music •Body positivity and fat liberation and its intersection with creative movement •Self-growth in investigating identity after trauma using theatre and storytelling Her workshops seek to integrate the art modalities of visual art, dance, drama (theatre), poetry, and music to accentuate the connection between art and sexuality. Mystkue is also the author of Honesty Carries Wisdom, Lust, Love, and Lost: A Poetic Dissertation, Deviant Dreams, and Epiphany (An Erotic E.P.).

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