Speaker Bio

Bina Bakhtiar

Bina Bakhtiar, MSW, LSWAA

Speaking from the Margins – No More! On a Journey to Decolonize Muslim Sexuality
Bina Bakhtiar, MSW, LSWAA is a Muslim sex therapist in training, educator and a social justice activist, working with communities of color, immigrants and bicultural/multicultural identities. She examines the discourse of intimacy and pleasure from an intersectional and social justice lens and is passionate about dismantling the colonization of sexuality in faith traditions, and in the South Asian diasporic communities. She is invested in building coalitions and bridges in communities to collectively deconstruct the dominant discourses and to disrupt cycles of oppression. Her interests in philosophy, spirituality, psychology and social justice orient her to infuse and integrate relational ethics and methods of revolutionary love.

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